iamnattee x rouge jungle: “a hair story in america”

October 29, 2013

I recently travelled to Richmond Virginia to be a part of a photo shoot hosted by @rouge_jungle, who is currently working on a project he calls ” A HAIR STORY IN AMERICA”. I was stoked to be apart of this project because for one this was not only going to be my first time in the RVA but also my first time working with this photographer.
So who is Rouge Jungle and what is this project about? …

By Tee Fergus, AFROPUNK Contributor *

The Hair Story in America started with a photo shoot of a friend, explained Rouge, who was inspired to take pictures of the pretty girls that he knew mainly because it was something fun and interesting to do. Rouge while trying to convey a certain seriousness to his shoots decided to tell a story with the photos that encompass the beauty of women, specifically black women. While expanding on previous experiences and stories he’s heard about hair Rouge discloses that his curiosity took over. The hair story he explains further seeks to explore the on going “trend” of “re-embracing” the more “afro-centric” styles or what others might say “the natural”. Rouge’s current goal is to interview 50 people about their hair process, the meaning and how society reacts to their appearances, he has decided to include both men, women, and couples and is hoping that the project will be finished in about a year from now.

I am excited to have had the opportunity to be a part of this project, Rouge was not only easy to work with he was a great host. Overall my first time in the RVA was definitely a success, and I’m looking forward to many more opportunities to work with and create with many more independent artist like Rouge. You can catch more of his Hair Story series on IG: @rouge_jungle

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