harleighblu is not to be played with! – ‘forget me not’ album review

October 15, 2013

Nottingham, UK songstress Harleighblu’s new album Forget Me Not is 11 tracks of sultry, jazzy sass. At the tender age of 21 years old, Harleighblu displays a lifetime of experience in matters of the heart. Steadily growing in recognition, this project is sure to place her firmly on the road to stardom.

Review by Ayara Pommells, AFROPUNK Contributor

Track number one, “Enough Now”, states from the jump that she is tired of being lied to and feeling under-appreciated. Quite simply, she has had enough. She sings, “As I pass me by I still believe your lies/Oh, I’ll never quit, good luck with it/Now I gotta quit, I have enough now/I’ve had enough now…”

Retro sounding track “Casanova” is a cautionary tale about a man who knows how to use what he has to get what he wants. The band do really dazzle on this, most notably, the bold brass players over the heavy percussion. “He’s a Casanova. He grips you with his charm/Oh he’s a super lover/The way he holds you in his arms…”

“Let Me Be” possesses a downbeat tone, as Harleighblu begs to be set free from the clutches of her paramour, whilst “I Believe” is contrasting in its upbeat song of hope and unity. It is about love on a grander scale as she sings “I believe. I believe we can. We can. We will. Do what/ We Will”

“Play Me” is yet another warning that Harleighblu is not to be messed with. Do not try this young lady. She is not for the bullshit. “Try and play me/I’ll play with your whole world/Your whole world/Try and play me/ You messed with the wrong girl/ the wrong girl.” My kinda chick.

It’s not all as emotionally aggressive: tracks such as the delicately piano keys led “Love of My Life” show a deeply romantic side to Harleighblu. Her powerful vocals are light and breathy, the mood is candle light and clear starry skies. Whilst “How Deep Is Your Love” asks the question that every fresh-faced person in love wants to know. The final track “Love Like This” sees Harleighblu finally getting her happy ending. After the emotional roller-coaster of a journey, Harleighblu ends up where she wants to be. In love.

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The band is amazing. The entire album gives the feel of a live show as Harleighblu vocally gives you every inch of herself. Great, great stuff. Harleighblu is definitely one to watch.

You can hear more snippets and purchase her album on Itunes by clicking HERE.

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