boo! what are you going to be for halloween?

October 28, 2013

Halloween is right around the corner! For many, the celebrating started this past weekend; my Facebook and Instagram have been full of pre-Halloween pics from costume parties. As side note – not sure if you guys have heard about the Fashion Designer, Allesandro Dell’Acqua who hosted a “Disco Africa” Halloween Party. Unfortunately, it is 2013 and ignorance still exists. Check out the full story here on Fashion Bomb Daily. Halloween is a fun holiday… you get to be something that you usually are not, but some people just go too far!

By Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor

Now, on a lighter note, lets get to business. I have always been last minute when it comes to Halloween costumes – I think of a costume idea and pull it together the week of, using items from my closet. I am thinking of being Aaliyah or Debbie from the Wild Thornberries…not sure yet…will probably make up my mind on Wednesday evening.
Halloween can be a pricey “holiday.” Here are a few costume ideas that ya’ll pull together quickly and still look fly!

Frida Kahlo
b. 1907
Who: Mexican painter, activist and feminist, known for her self-portraits and use of magical realism and surrealism in her work. O

What you need:
1 black Pashmina scarf or shawl (any color will do)
Floral headband: to make, buy a headband from any drug store, artificial flowers from Michaels and a use hot glue gun to attach them
Floral Top (or any colorful top)
Long gold necklace
Long Maxi Skirt
Ruby Red Lipstick
Black eyeliner ( to draw in that uni-brow)
Two braided pigtails, and pin them up in to a bun or any braided up do


Janelle Monae
Who: The electric lady, Ms. Janelle Monae is a r&b and soul musician, known for her catchy tunes and slick style.

What you need:
A black blazer
A white down collared shirt
Black Jeans, dress pants , or leggings
A white or black neck tie
White earrings
A lipstick color that pops (red or pink)
Last but not least, the signature, Monae updo – Check out a tutorial below!


Slick Rick
Who: Ricky Dee or Slick Rick the Ruler, American rapper—considered one of hip-hop’s greatest rapper. La di da di… (finish the rest).

What you need:
An eye patch
Kangol hat (rock it backwards or to the side)
White tee and a slightly loose fitted jeans – be sure to color coordinate, the shoes, shirt and hate
Large gold chains (cheap ones can be bought at any costume store)
Big gold rings for every finger


Angela Davis
Who: American political activist, who was closely associated with the Black Panther Party as she was heavily involved in the Civil Rights Movement.

What you need:
Black blazer or black (p)leather jacket
Black beret
Black turtle neck or long sleeve t-shirt
Black pants or jeans
Combat boots
Aviator sunglasses
Some hoop earrings
Raise that fist high!


Penny Proud
Who: She’s Penny Proud, she’s cute and she’s loud and she’s got it goin’ on! I grew up on the Proud Family…why not throw back this Thursday dressed as the lovely Ms. Penny Proud.

What you need:
A burgundy or dark pink button down sweater
White collared shirt
Burgundy skater style skirt
Burgundy sneakers (vans or keds)
Black eyeliner to draw mole under left eye.

Be safe, have fun, and stay fly this Halloween!

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