bams spreads positivity and kindness with new album ‘dérèglement climatique’ (climatic disorder)

October 18, 2013

Last time we saw Bams she was dressed in all black and baiting large beautiful wolves in the video for her last single, “Changement de Trajectoire.” In case you didn’t know, this France-based singer is a musical feminist who loves mixing rap, electro and afro sounds with her fun and soulful voice to spread positivity and kindness. She came into the scene in 1999 with her intimate and political debut album Vivre ou Mourir (Live or Die). Ten years later the songstress is just days away from releasing her latest album Dérèglement Climatique. While you patiently wait to hear what she has cooked up, here’s what to expect.

By Niesha Miller, AFROPUNK Contributor

Here are four songs from the album that we think will help change the world:

1. The entrancing track Entrevoir (Glimpse) is almost self-explanatory. This jazzy song is about finding the good in people despite their rough exterior. Nothing is perfect, or stays that way. Just keep an open mind and heart. Okay? Good.

2. “Changement de Trajectoire” (Changing Ways) is just as badass as it wants to be. With this upbeat tempo and choir sounding hook, this may very well be Bams’ theme song. This song is about staying true to yourself and not changing for anybody. Not your mommy. Not your daddy. Not your lover. Not your best friend. Nobody.

3. The title song “Dérèglement Climatique” (Climatic Disorder) is filled the perfect combination of soft and rough with her stern expressive voice over smooth piano playing. This track discusses the importance of unity between a man and a woman. In the words of the singer herself, “As long as the Man and Woman will not live in harmony, the humanity will know injustice, war, inhumanity and Co.”

4. Bams said she wanted to end the album with a bang, and she accomplished that with “Radio Bams.” The song starts off very 70s-Shaft like, then finishes with a reggae vibe. The underlying message of the song is to stay optimistic. With hard work, anything can be accomplished.

To extend your knowledge on the word according to Bams, please pick up her album October 21. Fill your life with appreciation and happiness.

To order and preview the tracklist to Dérèglement Climatique on iTunes, click here.