ap fashion: you’re my golden girl – some chains for your jewelry box

October 7, 2013

Never was much of a necklace or chain person. Growing up my grandmother gifted me with a gold chain with a cross for my birthday, and I was forced to wear it after being enrolled in catholic school (my dark past…). This past summer, however, I’ve been more inspired to play around with chains, particularly those that are gold. Rappers and hip hop artists rock the big gold chains, yet styles of this past summer have toned down the single or double chain look, allowing people to rock them in a classy yet gangsta way.

By Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor

A single gold plated chain can dress up a pretty basic outfit, showing that you put a little bit of effort into what you are wearing. In my internet and just life browsing, a sweatshirt, pair of boyfriend jeans and sneakers go from basic to edgy and fabulous with a gold chain or layering of chains. You don’t have to go to the extreme of Kanye or 2 Chainz, but adding gold chains or necklaces to your wardrobe won’t hurt your wallet.


Always go cheap when you can, but just be sure that your jewelry won’t turn green on you. Tip for you guys: take off any jewelry that is not real gold or silver, before showering, washing dishes, etc.


Some of my favorite non-gold or silver pieces have been ruined due to over wearing…give ‘em a break.



I started, this summer, by raiding my grandma and mom’s jewelry boxes and came across some vintage chains. Thrift Stores are also great places to find semi-cheap jewelry, pieces that are still in pretty good condition. Beacon’s Closet (88 N 11th Street, Brooklyn, NY) is great for jewelry finds…I headed out to Williamsburg this past weekend, and along with great and fair priced clothing items, they have an array of jewelry, necklaces, earrings, watches, etc. I would pick Beacon’s Closet to find simple necklaces that you can layer over a sweater/sweatshirt or a plain white tee—layering adds intricacy to an outfit.

Be bold with your jewelry, rock hoop earrings, a gold cuff and gold necklace—check out the picture of vintage Sade, in all denim, wearing thick gold hoops and decorated cuff bracelet – if you want to do all gold everything, all denim or a sold color works well. Topshop, Urban, street vendors and other little stores always carry gold accessories.




Throwing on a gold necklace or two can always spice up an outfit, and layering with rings as well! The midi rings have grown on me, and once again, a great way to add zest to your wardrobe.

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