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October 23, 2013

I’ve spent the last few weeks just browsing the web (amidst midterm stress… to all college students, stay strong!) – and I’ve been so overwhelmed by inspiration from today’s art and fashion scenes. I was not searching for trends, but searched for innovators, those on the rise.  Digging deeper, I found that there has been a rise of “street wear” designers – simple clothing items tagged with specific symbols, unique to the designers. The simplicity speaks a thousand words. There is an underground cultural movement going on within the fashion world, and these designs cross over in to the art world as well. The creativity is beyond any department store, and I can’t say that these designers and their work can be confined within any store.

By Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor

I wrote an article previously about Djiba Berete, a young designer, and he mentioned that he feels really inspired by his surroundings, by New York City and the culture.

Life is being brought to art and life is being brought to fashion.

Young stars are on the rise.  Loving this sort of underground movement – artists, designers and innovators paving their ways uniquely through clothing design.  These young designers are bringing back the trend of keepin’ it 100 – their thought and art is real and in no ways stay inside of the lines.
Check out a few of my favorite designer finds below– spotlight is on, support the young movement. 

Check out their sites:

Godly NY (site coming soon)

Fake Socialite

Djiba Berete

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