ap fashion: fall isn’t quite here yet. fall short while the weather is still warm.

October 1, 2013

I admit, I’ve been fooled by this NYC weather. I’ve gotten sick, gotten better, gotten sick again. My mind and body have been fooled, the leaves are changing – it shouldn’t be summer anymore. It is almost October this bi polar weather is not whats poppin’.

By Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor

I started packing away summer clothes– my shorts, crop tops, shorts and sandals but believe I will need to pull those bad boys out again– the weather on Wednesday is expected to be 81 degrees! If this isn’t a sign of global warming, I don’t know what is. 

I’m all about being comfy for classes– as a college student sometimes it is a struggle to look presentable everyday because, let’s face it, college upperclassmen get no sleep. The days of staying up late for fun are long gone – so for the freshmen out there, enjoy it. A note for college students out there, in terms of styling, compromise—go for the happy medium everyday. Oversized sweaters for the fall, earth tones balanced with a few vibrant colors, accessories and shoes are the essentials!

In this transitional period of weather, shorts are still prevalent, I’ve had a few pair in my shopping bag on some sites – try to look for similar styles.

Shorts can be dressed up and down luckily, and in this weird in-between weather- here are some finds that work well and can even be worn in the winter. Shorts and tights switch up the sometimes-drab nature of winter style. Side note: this is not “cheeky short” weather- it is to cold for that. Pack the booty shorts away girls.

For the season of pumpkins, cinnamon and changing leaves, pick up these similar styles. A medium wash or darker wash of denim great– pair with ankle boots or knee high riding boots. Zoe Kravitz, whose style I absolutely love –very hobo chic, wears her shorts well, with a long oversized sweater and mid calf boots. Summer hasn’t left us yet, but it still gets a bit chilly, so work with the knee high boots, a sweater.

Try a v-neck sweater (maybe a grey or black) and a collared shirt underneath — and I even like the cropped sweaters with a collared shirt underneath. Pair these tops with a boy friend jean short, a cotton bloomer like short or a high waisted pair and maybe an oxford or boots. Thrift stores are great for the harsher feel 80’s Levi high waisted shorts– beats a pair from urban outfitters in my opinion.

Again, accessories are very important – I’ve gotten more in to head wraps/ head ties cut from African fabrics. Stop by 125th street in Harlem, pop in to any African fabric store and you’ll walk out with a bag full of colorful fabrics for a fair price. I came across very cute head bands/ head wraps by Aisha Udochi, in my Etsy browsing. Her head bands add an accent to any outfit to make it unique, transforming “traditional prints in to modern forms.” Layering with chains is great as well!

Enjoy, and for daily tips, be sure to follow!

Stay fly and conscious of this slick weather!