the bots’ tribute to hardcore punk band jfa

September 9, 2013

Hardcore skate punk aficionados, rejoice! DC-Jam Records released a compilation called ‘All In! – A Tribute to J F A’. AFROPUNK members The Bots are among the artists included (along with Mike Watt, Jonny 2 Bags, East Bay Ray, Dirty Filthy Mugs, The Faction, Reno Divorce and more). Their cover of JFA’s “Cokes and Snickers” is banging!
Stream a preview and order the digital version right HERE! Ain’t that sumthin’?
* Also available on CD and vinyl here.
Track Listing:
1 East Bay Ray -Pipetruck
2 Faction -Out Of School
3 Frontside Five -Johnny D
4 Mike Watt & The Secondmissingmen -Beach Blanket
5 Rudy Schwartz Project -We Know You Suck
6 Father Figures -Skateboard/you Suck
7 Lonesome Ones -Bow To No One
8 Jonny 2 Bags -Preppy
9 Reno Divorce -Guess What
10 Plain Dealers -Kick You
11 Just Because -I Don’t Like You
12 Scarcity Of Tanks -I Want
13 Dirty Filthy Mugs -Do The Hannigan
14 Minus-one -Fortune Favors The Brave
15 Ringwald -Space Brothers
16 Downtown Brown -Party Like The Amish
17 Mcrad -Skateboard
18 Agression -Great Equalizer
19 Bots -Cokes And Snickers
20 Dave Bedore -Skateboard Anarchy
21 Johnny D -I Hate Jfa