free download! kool head’s latest single ‘stick up heads’ is a synth-laden dose of infectious optimism. #soundcheck

September 30, 2013

The trouble with genre names is: what do you do when you create a sound that’s influenced by New Wave? Call it Post-New Wave? New New Wave? (Post-Hardcore is about to suffer the same dilemma. It will be hilarious.) Hailing from Brooklanta (that’s apparently the union of Brooklyn and Atlanta for those of you without a Tesseract), duo & AFROPUNK members Kool Head call it Black Wave. Blending soul and hip-hop influences with the almighty Juno 106 synths (or its descendents), Kool Head tears down your ear’s defenses on the new single “Stick Up Heads.”

Produced by Joywave, “Stick Up Heads” is a seize-the-day-anthem that replaces the misanthropy at the heart of every Twin Shadow song with infectious optimism. Singer/MC Brandon Lee’s classic New Wave baritone has just a hint of the requisite faux British accent. (Listening to too much Joy Division can do that to you. There is no known cure.) This is the rare sort of song that plays equally well on the dance floor as alone with ear hugging headphones. “Be legendary while you’re here / Look the Devil in the face with no fear / It’s hereditary, it’s in your blood / So pour all your sweat and tears in your love.”

– Words by Nathan Leigh