forget yeezus. this is how it’s done. free download + stream of abdu ali’s new mixtape “push+slay.” #soundcheck

September 25, 2013

This is the golden moment. This is the moment right before there’s really a name for what this is. This is the moment when it’s not a style. It’s not a genre. It’s not even a movement. But a handful of artists are pushing hip-hop in new radical directions and it is glorious. The latest disciple of the new school of noise rap is Baltimore’s Abdu Ali.


His latest mixtape “Push + Slay” does basically that. Pushes and slays. It blends industrial beats with hardcore hip-hop for something that’s just metal as fuck. Production from Matic808, Shwarz, Lord Baby, and James Nasty bring a level of aggression unheard of in hip-hop outside of CX KiDTRONiK and Death Grips. And yeah. Maybe Yeezus. It’s a mixtape, so your mileage will vary. Some tracks are full formed songs and some are almost noise collages. But the best of them are glorious. “Mad Ambrosia” drives a Tears For Fears sample into the ground. “Three shots to the head / I ain’t dead” Abdu Ali chants defiantly before drowning in a sea of distortion. “Bleed” and “Machete Warz” all showcase a talent and unique sound. They say you never know when you’re living in a golden age? Fuck that. We are living in a golden age.

– Words by Nathan Leigh

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