ex-anti-pop consortium mastermind beans pairs with idm producer mux mool for the mind-bending new knifefight ep (featuring kool ad, cities aviv, and sub con) #soundcheck

September 9, 2013

Beans may no longer be working with the legendary Anti-pop Consortium, but that doesn’t mean he’s laying low. While we wait for his next solo record, without much warning or media push he just dropped an EP from his latest project Knifefight. A collaboration between Beans and Minneapolis producer Mux Mool (with guest spots from Cities Aviv, Sub Con, and the omnipresent Kool AD), Knifefight matches Beans stream-of-conscious art-rap with Mux Moole’s glitchy chip-hop.

As always, Beans’ verses take multiple listens to decipher. Multi-layered meta-references keep your finger on the pause button. Though the 2nd track “Feel Me” is a surprisingly club-ready banger. (I mean, it’s still pretty weird and iconoclastic, but…) The EP finishes strong with the last 2 tracks. “Pop Your Bubble” finds Kool AD delivering one of his best guest verses of recent memory. While closer “Light Beat” has production straight out of the early 90’s Demo Scene. A lo-fi lead riff that could very well have come from a Purple Motion production (the fact that there are never more than 8 sounds at once makes my inner/outer nerd wonder if the beat was actually programmed in Scream Tracker 3), paired with a tight laser-focused Beans vocal. It’s the rare 6 track EP that ends leaving you wanting at 7th track.

Knifefight’s self-titled is now available through the Bandcamp player above.

– Words by Nathan Leigh