festival feature: sunny gang makes new jersey punk fun again. #soundcheck

August 21, 2013

If you’re not already down with Sunny Gang, the quartet from New Jersey breathes some fresh life into the New Jersey punk scene. Known as the land that gave us iconic and original bands like The Misfits, Thursday, and most recently The Screaming Females, Sunny Gang brings something that’s been missing from the Jersey scene for a while: unironic fun.

Sunny Gang is a party band at heart. This isn’t the post-Springstein working class epics of The Gaslight Anthem. Or even the snarky bite of Lifetime. These guys take their name from America’s favorite televised sociopaths, for fuck’s sake. Check out their track “Bloc Party” from their debut EP. Just don’t get wasted and break shit when they play Afropunk Fest this weekend.

– Words by Nathan Leigh


* Sunny Gang will play AFROPUNK Festival 2013. To RSVP or Make a Donation to AFROPUNK Fest 2013, click HERE.