festival feature: study up those dance moves! rock to vintage trouble’s video for “pelvis pusher” #soundcheck

August 2, 2013

Rock and Roll revival band Vintage Trouble expanded their killer debut The Bomb Shelter Sessions. The video finds our heroes judging a dance competition in a high school gym. (We’ll ignore the fact that most of the contestants wouldn’t even pass for high school age by the generous standards of an Aaron Spelling show…) Half 1950’s twist contest and half audition, the video, like the band itself keeps one foot firmly in the present, with the other in rock and roll’s classic era.

Lead singer Ty Taylor takes the Vintage part of the name seriously, one well placed falsetto “whooo!” away from Little Richard. But the band makes sure this is no mere rock and roll revivalism. There’s enough freshness here for the single to sound new while still paying tribute to the rock and roll of the late 50s.
If you dig this, study up on those dance moves and check them out at Afropunk Fest 2013.

– Words by Nathan Leigh

* Vintage Trouble will play AFROPUNK Festival 2013. To RSVP or Make a Donation to AFROPUNK Fest 2013, click HERE.