festival feature: mykki blanco is coming for all ya’ll

August 1, 2013

This year we’re bringing act after act of pervasive and provocative hip-hop acts to the AFROPUNK stage for AFROPUNK FEST ’13. From the original social commentators like Chuck D and punk legends DEATH, to mid-90s consciousness acts like Jean Grae and K-OS, to the new comers like Mykki Blanco. And Blanco is coming for ALL Y’ALL

By: Alexandria GamlinAFROPUNK Content Editor

Mykki Blanco burst onto the underground/downtown/art scene of NYC a few summers back; which is a sphere that doesn’t flinch at a drag queen but will certainly rally up an OoOOo for creative new artists with bars. In the summer of 2012 the mega hit “Wavvy” got some well-deserved mainstream traction and Mykki was off to battle with the best of them in NYC and beyond. “Beyond” being a place where people are confused by a rapping black dude in a bra, wig and boxers. But battle he would both metaphorically and literally. Blanco credits his ability to battle-rap as self preservation. He developed the skill to shut people down anytime they would try to say something sideways about his look, lifestyle, or rapping ability. It’s hard not to show respect to a dude who can metaphorically eat your face off and tell you shoo, wig or no wig.

Since then, Mykki Blanco has been able to create fresh hype sounds while seamlessly floating through his duality of one-part “regular dude from round the way”, Michael Quattlebaum Jr, one-part “glamour maven” Mykki Blanco. And neither of them have time for you, so get with the program, DANCE DAMNIT or prepared to be ignored. And coming from Mykki, that stings more than being acknowledged as a simpletons. We prefer to dance, because the shit is dope. and so are the braids.

Check out this awesome interview and get some insight on why this Mykki is a force to be reckoned with:

Now you’re ready to check out the music. HOT FIRE! See you at the AFROPUNK FEST ’13 , Mykki!

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