festival feature: jean grae

August 22, 2013

Jean Grae has been named many a person’s “favorite female rapper” which would be offensive if it wasn’t true. Jean Grae will body ANY GIVEN rapper, male or female and that’s just a fact. Her sense of timing, flow, use of mind-blowing metaphor and respect for the art form, Jean has earned her place, over the last 20 years as, many a person’s favorite rapper PERIOD!

Jean has come up as a contemporary amongst Brooklyn rap royalty including Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch, Talib Kweli et al and created, no earned, her number one spot as the first lady of this Hip-Hop thing. Sure, that’s arguable– but you better have a good ass argument. She has remained relevance by continuously putting out new music with fresh sounds, while remaining true to her raw (yet, OBVIOUSLY very polished) talent. Jean Grae ain’t nothing to fuck with, and you can see her BODY AFROPUNK FEST ’13 this weekend, August 24th and 25th.

A a proper lady (she’s so pretty) in the male dominated hip-hop world, while keeping her grown-ass-woman persona (again, arguably the most enticing part of her celebrity) Jean’s wit, charm, humor and BARS are AFROPUNK in the truest sense of whatever definition it may hold. Can’t wait to see Jean Geasy show all these boys who’s BAWSE!

Her latest mixtape Cookies and Comas is just a taste. [DOWNLOAD]

Jean Grae- Kill Screen