death grips’ new single “birds” raises not giving a fuck into an artform. #soundcheck

August 23, 2013

You gotta hand it to Afropunk Fest alums Death Grips, who in 2 short years have earned the right to get away with the sort of don’t-give-a-fuckitude that most bands only fantasize about. Stunts like bailing on their major label by leaking their own album No Love Deep Web with a picture of a dick as the cover, or skipping out of a series of shows with their “performance art” piece would ruin any other band. But Death Grips operates by a different set of rules from other bands. Or maybe no rules.

It seems that way when they released their latest single with no fanfare or press. Just a simple post in the middle of the night with the lyrics on Facebook. “Birds” is the kind of haunting tripped out mindfuckery they haven’t made in a while. And even the lyrics speak to the perpetual prank on their audience that defines Death Grips. As if to say “I can’t believe you’re letting us get away with this shit. I wonder what else we can get away with…” The fact is, as long as they keep putting out music this good, we’ll let them get away with anything. “I got power / It’s so cheap / Fuck this bird bitch / Drink this bleach.”

But then—not giving a fuck has always been a major component of Death Grips’ art. Or maybe not giving a fuck is Death Grips’ art.

They’ve supposedly got a new record coming in 2014. Or maybe later in 2013. Or maybe not at all. It’s best not to get to comfortable where Death Grips is concerned.

– Words by Nathan Leigh