album review: alunageorge- body music

August 8, 2013

Without a doubt, AlunaGeorge’s debut album is one of the most anticipated releases of 2013. The British synthpop duo has been teasing the music community with one-off tracks since 2011’s “Analyser/We Are Chosen” combo, so a collective cheer of joy went up when “Body Music” officially dropped last week. 

By: Cara Donaldson for AfroPunk

Album Review: AlunaGeorge – Body Music; Released July 29, 2013

Must Listen Tracks: Attracting Flies, Bad Idea

Grade: A

Consider this the soundtrack to your waning summer days; this late summer release is proof that the party ain’t over ‘til it’s over. Fan favorite “You Know You Like It” is like a more sultry, but just as forceful version of Icona Pop’s “I Don’t Care,” announcing who AlunaGeorge are and what they are here (or more appropriately, NOT here) for. 

“Body Music” as a whole could absolutely serve as the pre-party ritual for the almost 30-somethings. Francis’ voice may be sugary sweet, but it carries a maturity and poise that speaks to an older demographic. The so snarky it hurts “Attracting Flies” spells this out in spades. It screams, “I know exactly what you’re doing, and I’ll play along just for the fun of it.”

The second half of the album beginning with “Lost & Found” definitely shows off the duo’s R&B influences, almost challenging listeners to start a two-step. Probably the most surprising point on the album is the beautiful gem in the form of a bonus track—a sensuous version of a 90’s party anthem, Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It.” While the original will always be a classic, AlunaGeorge’s modern spin definitely gives life to an oldie but goodie for a new generation.

Everything about this album is sexy, confident, and powerful, while beckoning with a soft, allure. This duality is part of the charm of Francis and Reid and one of the reasons why their electronic R&B infused style is so infectious. One random but no less beautiful observation is that Francis’ style of singing maintains her accent, giving us a rare gift. 

Overall, “Body Music” boasts a lovely desperation within its lyrics, but the brilliance of Reid’s instrumentation gives a coolness that masks this upon first listen. It’s an element that you would only catch during your second or maybe even third rotation, and a characteristic that will remain a happy surprise even when you’ve listened 50 times. And let’s face it, this is one album that will be on constant repeat well into the fall months of this year.  

After making their rounds on the summer festival circuit abroad, AlunaGeorge will hit American shores for a few choice shows in the fall which includes two New York dates in September. For more information and tickets, visit