stream the bullitts’ new record ‘they die by dawn and other short stories’ feat. yasiin bey, jay electronica, lucy liu, rosario dawson, and tori amos #soundcheck

July 5, 2013

Working under the name The Bullitts, Jeymes Samuel doesn’t just create music that begs to score films, he creates music that doubles as short films. On They Die By Dawn and Other Short Stories, each song is it’s own take on the Western. From the Sergio Leone remixing title track (with guest spots by Yasiin Bey, Jay Electronica and Lucy Liu) to the synth studded “Supercool,” Samuel reinvents and condenses the Western for the laptop generation.

Monologues from Lucy Liu and Rosario Dawson pepper the entire record, little clips of narrative that never quite give you the full picture, but just enough. It’s never clear if there’s a larger story at play, but the title suggests a collection of thematically connected short stories. (which, if you think about it, isn’t that most albums?) The big name guest stars may attract the attention, but on the dub-meets-western-with-a-touch-of-chillwave-because-why-not “World Inside Your Rainbow” Jeymes Samuel proves himself totally worthy of the attention in his own right. A lot of musicians fancy themselves filmmakers and vice versa (dear David Lynch: please go back to just making movies. Thanks), but with They Die By Dawn, The Bullitts achieve the rare feat of doing both so well you can only hope they end up filming shorts for all of the songs on the record.

The full album is available to purchase June 9th. In the meantime stream it above!

– Words by Nathan Leigh