safe and kool ad get abstract on the bluesy new single “christina ricci.” #soundcheck

July 11, 2013

By: Nathan Leigh

It seems like Kool AD is pretty much everywhere these days. Between releasing his double mixtape, the new record from Party Animal, and a million (give or take 5) guest spots, Kool AD is quickly turning into the Christopher Walken of hip hop. His latest collaboration is with Bay Area singer and bird watching enthusiast Safe on the track “Christina Ricci.”

On a super tight blues guitar driven beat by Steel Tipped Dove, Safe sings abstract poetry. His smooth voice halts and skips like the cut up guitar samples. While Kool AD’s verse takes abstraction and runs with it to the logical extreme spitting non-sequitors before drowning in a sea of delay. What does the song have to do with Christina Ricci? No clue. But it’s awesome. She’s awesome. And I still quote Wednesday Addams on a nearly daily basis. Word is Safe is about to release a new record soon, and by the time you finish reading this sentence, Kool AD will have released 3 new albums, 7 EPs, and a light operetta about a sandwich he had when he was 11. (Spoiler alert: it was delicious.)

You can download the track for your own price through the player above.

check the new single from @SafeMansion @veeveeveeveevee and @SteelTippedDove “Christina Ricci” never sounded so good. #SoundCheck