murs: black people need to value black life (re: trayvon martin)

July 15, 2013

Artist Murs says we have to start with ourselves, take responsibility AND action (re: Trayvon Martin). He just posted the following statement to his Facebook page, about how we contribute to the problem. Let us know what you think.
“The verdict that was delivered in the Trayvon Martin case this weekend, deeply saddened and angered me. As I’m sure it did more than a few of you. Sad for his friends and family. Anger for Zimmerman, the jury, the system etc… However, I’d like to say what most are not. I am also angry with the black community and the hip hop community. How can we expect the world to respect a “black life” when we all sing a long to songs that say how little that life is worth? Kill a nigga this, fuck a bitch that etc… Our music and the way we represent our selves in the media. It honestly scares and disgusts a lot of people in America. Middle and rural America especially. It’s NOT the media’s fault. We really do kill each other over little to nothing. I’ve lost friends because of it. I’ve been on a major label and no one is MAKING these artists celebrate homicide and drug dealing. WE are at fault for celebrating and supporting this. Black people when we as a whole truly start to value black life, that’s when we can expect the same from the rest of the world. Direct some of your anger towards the person in the mirror. And don’t just take responsibility for your own family. That is a start, but what can you do to positively affect the rest of your community? Let’s not use too much time demonstrating and protesting. Let’s change these LAWS! And let’s change this culture of greed and hate as well. Once we are civilized enough to police ourselves we will not need to rely on such laws. Peace has to be a verb. We have to act now. Please let’s get passed angry and get to work.”