motorcyclist’s guide to the best american ride

July 17, 2013

Most people in the biker world know that “1 percent” means an outlaw motorcycle club. We even featured a clip a few years ago of a black 1 percent motorcycle club called Wheels of Soul. But, there are a lot of “99 percent” clubs that ride within the law and have a lot of fun doing it. featured some of the most popular African American motorcycle clubs including 50 Cent’s G-unit Riderz, which can claim some celebrities as members. There are also clubs that do philanthropy and are active in community projects, such as Augusta Buffalo Soldier in Augusta, Ga., and the Nu Jeru Riderz from New Jersey. 

Check with your community to see if there is a black motorcycle club you can join. And check out this infographic we found for some summertime road trip ideas for you and your bike buddies.

“Special thanks to Bikebandit for supplying this infographic.