ghostpoet – cold win (roska remix)

July 26, 2013

Dance break! We’re jamming and dancing to the mega hit Cold Win from british producer/artist Ghostpoet. If you like accessible tropical house with flashes of lightning, then this is the track for you! Check it!

You know WHY this remix is such a wonder? Check the (slightly dark) video of the OG.

And if you happen to find yourself in the UK, you can catch Ghostpoet finishing off the European summer festival circuit. 

July 26th: Farmfestival (UK)
July 27th: Edinburgh Jazz festival (UK)
August 2nd: Castlepalooza festival (Ireland)
August 3rd: Nuits Secretes festival (France)
August 9th: Wilderness festival (UK)
August 16th: Beacons festival (UK)
August 23rd: Leeds festival – Radio 1 Dance Tent (UK)
August 25th: Reading festival – Radio 1 Dance Tent (UK) + Summercamp festival (UK)
September 7th: Bestival (IoW – UK)