festival feature: rye rye to bring the fire at afropunk fest 2013

July 30, 2013

Rye Rye’s lyrics and beats spit fire.  A mix between MIA and Azealia Banks, Rye Rye’s music and persona makes you want to booty pop and be a fierce woman at the same time, like it-aint-no-thang. Her hot beats have you bumpin’– perfect songs to blast in your car with the windows down! The bass of her songs fill your body and nothing can really beat the hot and exotic creations of this young female rapper. As a semi-protege of MIA, Rye Rye has made a name for her self, some would argue far surpassing her peers. The cliche of “The teacher becomes the student” is evident in Rye Rye’s maturity and growth over such a short period. From 17 year old phenom to collaborator of Diplo, Robin, MIA and more– we can’t wait to see the show Rye has in store for us at AFROPUNK FEST ’13!

By: Aliyah Blackmore, AFROPUNK Contributor 


She will be gracing the AfroPunk stage (WITH DANCERS) at Commodore Barry Park August 24th and 25th– get ready!

Check out the Ryeot Powrr mixtape (BANGER) and get ready for AFROPUNK FEST 2013!