wordspit proves himself more than just another former reality contestant on the hard-as-fuck new track “tough luck.” #soundcheck

June 17, 2013

The pop culture landscape is littered with the remains of careers who were very nearly “made” through an appearance on a reality show. It’s a difficult situation to be in. One minute you have cameras, a cheering crowd, millions of people who suddenly know your name. Then the cameras shut off one day, and you’re known forever as: So-and-So, former contestant on Dancing with Cats and Also Donald Trump is There and A Very Angry British Person Who Yells a Lot Because Why Not? It’s the rare person who’s able to transcend the reality show they were on and sustain a career on their own merits. But then, Wordspit isn’t most people.

After a run with his alt-rock band The Illest on ‘America’s Got Talent’ in 2012, Wordspit and the Illest were cut after having the gall to perform an original song, instead of the covers they’d become known for on the show. Hearing the phrase “I think you made a very big mistake performing an original song” come from Sharon fucking Osbourne’s mouth was a moment of truly surreal TV. (I’m sorry Sharon, but why does anyone know or care who you are? Oh yeah, because you managed Ozzy Osbourne; a dude who more or less helped invent the entire genre of metal through his original songs. Which he performs.) But rather than trying to leverage his appearance, Wordspit has gone DIY. The still self-managed and self-produced MC has been working on a solo mixtape as well as a new EP from The Illest.

His first track from the mixtape is the hard-as-fuck “Tough Luck.” With a beat by Coopac Shakur, the track is a statement of purpose from Wordspit. A warning shot of a track. The full mixtape comes out later this summer, and will be followed closely by the full band EP. If you haven’t been following Wordspit yet, you probably should be. If anyone has the drive and talent to transcend the label “former reality show contestant” it’s him.

– Words by Nathan Leigh