punks gotta eat: girrrl riot peach edition

June 21, 2013

Our Evening with Taren Guy is coming up this Monday at Knitting Factory! But you can’t have a fancy event without fancy drinks! Thanks to our friends at Qream, they’ve got you covered! It’s tasty! You know what else is tasty? Hot jams! Here are some of our favorite riot girls who we think are just peachy.

By: Alexandria Gamlin, AFROPUNK Content Editor

Nina Simone = Peaches

DUH, she said her name is PEACHES! Why argue

India Aire = Peach Cobbler

Warming, comforting but coooool, with some ice cream. Cobbler is something everyone can get behind. Just like the message of India. The tones of her velvety voice make you say “MmmmM” and shake your head! Lip-smacking good jams!

Betty Davis = Grilled Peaches

She’s sweet with a FIREY TWIST! Don’t be fooled by the humble peach, throw those suckers on the grill and you’ve been transformed! That’s what we love about our lady, Betty. SHE’S HOT!

Lorine Chai = Peach Schnapps

We love Lorine for singing about some deep and real ass shit. Her song “Crazy Things” is about the ups and downs of a crazy relationship and “maybe they should take a break”. Breakups are tough. Sometimes the only way to cope is DRINK. Throw one back with some sugary sweet peach schnapps. And tell him “that you don’t need him no MO’”

Emile Sande = Canned Peaches

It’s always good to have a can of peaches in your pantry. A loyal staple that’s great for a snack when you need one. You can’t go wrong with Emile, keep her around and you’ll be glad you did!

Thanks Qream! Look forward to seeing you at the event.