free download! south carolina indie pop band sun brother’s latest track “howl at the moon.” #soundcheck

June 5, 2013

From Greenville, SC comes a young power-trio fusing indie pop with modern rock and a touch of RnB. Sun Brother is built from a lot of the same pieces as the Red Hot Chilli Peppers (melodic bass, tight minimal grooves, and high syncopated funky guitar lines) but without the walking liability that is Anthony Kiedis (who I’m increasingly convinced is in competition with Daniel Johns of Silverchair for singer of an otherwise good 90s band with the most lyrics my 3 year old nephew would be embarrassed by). Their early EPs had a little more of a post-rock / spaced out vibe to them, but on the first single from Sun Brother’s debut LP “Howl at the Moon,” the band seems to be going for a more breezy pop feel almost along the lines of Portugal. The Man.

“Howl at the Moon” is infectious and undeniably catchy. Definitely a song to include on your summer playlists. Hopefully the rest of the record will be as well. Download it for free via the music player above.

– Words by Nathan Leigh