uk’s electronic/funk/punk spektrum is keeping the soul of disco alive on “ambush in istanbul.” #soundcheck

May 29, 2013

The 2000’s was a decade full of “disco.” The omni-present quasi-ironic finger quotes made a generation of kids raised on the anti-disco of bands like Nirvana able to appreciate the unabashedly cheesy pop of 70’s disco. But over the past few years the ironic finger quotes have evaporated leaving behind just disco. Regular old disco. Not ironic. Fun, funky, and as sexy as ever. And British band Spektrum are definitely keeping that spirit of old-school Donna Summer alive.

From their year old single “Robocops and Flipflops” (and I’m sorry, with a name like that, all objectivity goes out the window and you just straight up have my heart. The end.) to their latest “Ambush in Istanbul” Spektrum adds just enough modern touch to a classic sound to keep it interesting. The low synths might wobble a little more than they did in Giorgio Moroder’s day, but the bass is as high in the mix and funky as Chic ever was. And the shout-along vocals with the insistent four-to-the-floor beat practically drags you out on the dancefloor.

Though Spektrum’s been around since 2001, racking up some high profile admirers, in the age of ironic finger quote “disco,” this pure distillation of the real thing never quite broke through. Here’s hoping “Ambush in Istanbul” is able to find it’s rightful place on DJ sets internationally.

– Words by Nathan Leigh