students protest school closings in philadelphia

May 30, 2013

By: Lindsey Rand, AFROPUNK Contributor 

On May 17th thousands of Philadelphia area students walked out in protest of the large budget cuts that are cutting many extra curricular programs from schools across the board and completely shutting down 23 others. This, though, is not the first for this group of students. Protests started on May 7th with a few hundred students organized through Facebook and Twitter and grew to over 1000 on for the second round on May 9th. Walk out organizers told press “We are willing to break the stereotypes and expectations of urban youth, and are taking this opportunity to tell the world that urban school districts deserve funding, and it is your responsibility under the Commonwealth Charter to provide us with more than a ‘bare bones education.’”

This more recent walk out which fell on the 59th anniversary of the decision made in the Brown vs. Board of Education cast a huge light on the continuing problem of education equality and the necessity for real education reform that doesn’t simply include continuous cuts and disregard for those most in need. Any of us who have made it in life can probably look back at one teacher or school administrator which whom we are eternally grateful for. These kids deserve that same chance. Watch the clip from below and answer this provoking young woman’s question “If you are unable to take care of us now, how do you expect us to take care of you later.”