happy may day! check out brutal political metalcore from ap members rhetoric. #soundcheck

May 1, 2013

Happy May Day! It’s class warfare week at SoundCheck apparently (ok fine, it’s always class warfare week). The appropriately named Rhetoric out of Springfield, MA are an explosion of political metalcore. Their songs are almost more anti-capitalist polemics than songs. (Polemic would also be a pretty rad band name. Just saying.) Brutal bursts of guitar and drums thunder and rattle beneath AP member Felix Caban‘s inspired political pamphlets masquerading as lyrics.

The tracks on Thoughts and Perspectives are surprisingly positive given Caban’s targets (Corporate raiders, Fox News, the military-industrial complex). For every “In the Throes of Corporatocracy” there’s a “The Pursuance of Dreams” with lyrics like “Even in suffering I can still find beauty and life in our dying world.” The music may be brutal, the message may be radical, but the sentiment is somehow hopeful. Rhetoric’s music is not just about tearing down the system. It’s actually about enacting positive change. And that seems like the perfect thing to listen to today.

You can download the whole record through Bandcamp (see music player above) on a name-your-own price basis.

– Words by Nathan Leigh

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