free download: meridian’s debut marries 90’s alt-rock songwriting to synth pop sounds for a style that’s truly unique. #soundcheck

May 6, 2013

It’s hard not to love pop music that you can get lost in. Far too often the artists get as far as a killer hook and declare “good enough.” More and more pop music just kind of coasts without bothering to flesh songs out with arrangements worthy of their hooks. So you have to respect a band like Meridian who pack their tracks with layers upon layers of texture and detail.

Meridian’s self titled debut marries 90’s alt-rock songwriting with so-very 2010’s productions. Modeled analog synths and house drums merge with distorted guitars for a sound that’s somehow both unique and familiar. Highlights like opener “Magic,” “Truth,” and “Star” make the most of this sound, adding swirling effects and a chorus of backing vocals. The detail in each song is a tiny universe to explore.

This is pop music, sure. It’s songs about love, lost and found. And that’s basically it. But with writing this smart and production this tight, who needs more?

You can download the whole thing for free through the Bandcamp player above.

– Words by Nathan Leigh