danny brown “old and reckless” in nyc at irving plaza

May 8, 2013

We went to see Danny Brown in NYC last night and it was the f-ing bomb.

By: Alexandria Gamlin

Photos by: Alex Kusak Smith 

I’ve been listening to Kush Coma since it’s internet debut about a month back and let me tell you, it’s one of “those songs” that you find yourself singing even if you haven’t heard it in a few days. Good thing I work at AFROPUNK because it’s a song I catch myself singing around my boss. Danny Brown’s first live performance of the track was at AFROUNK x RED BULL Sound Select show this past March, and THAT was dope. Last night tho, was doper.

The Old and Reckless tour was highly anticipated since the announcement that Baauer (harlem shake mad decent DJ guy) would be accompanying Danny for nearly half of the dates. NYC and a select other cities feature Kitty Pryde, the internet darling who people tend to dig for her cute face and clever rhymes. COOL! I was highly anticipating it. It was worth the stupid wait in line before the venue opened it’s doors. a line that wrapped around the block. But it was all good, it was 70 degrees and everyone had their good vibes on. Kitty Pryd totally represented and made me understand why Danny likes this girl enough to tour with her. My only frame of reference is YouTube to which I’ve been underwhelmed, but like most “internet users” my attention span is low. So S/O Kitty. And music aside, I’m really feeling this girl after what she wrote to VICE about Danny having his pants ripped off by some  white girl in Minnesota and how she proceded to sick his dick, yet there’s all this hate about how Danny is a misogynist creeper. Pfft, whatever. but we can talk about that later. 

Danny did the hits. All of em. And I, naturally, was jumping around like a fool. I knew all the words because I’m from Detroit and have been a fan since 08 and also because I’m a crazy person, but I felt at home next to the other crazy guy who also, knew all the words. It was a fan’s show and a blast. But my boy always comes through, and that’s why I continue to fuck with him! <3 

Here are some photos. This is exactly what it was like.

The above photo has not existed on the internet until now. YES!