tired of hearing “mixed kids are the cutest kids”?

April 10, 2013

Are you tired of hearing “Mixed kids are the cutest kids”? What the hell is this theory about anyway?
TheRoot.com published a piece about this topic.
Excerpts: “A friend got the biscuit analogy. Wait for it: God burned black people and undercooked white people, but removed her from the heavenly oven at the perfect moment, she was told. Awkward. Well-intended. Poorly thought-through. A window into our shared cultural stuff about identity. These statements are all these things at once.”
“And just take a wild guess how this idea has popped up for black people. You got it: In order to demean and oppress African Americans, thought leaders throughout history, including the likes of Thomas Jefferson, have said that black-white mixed offspring are better, more attractive, smarter, etc., than “real” blacks and not as good or attractive or smart as “real” whites.”
Full article here.