rand paul visited howard university and it was awkward

April 11, 2013

This week Senator Ron Paul, visited Howard University in another attempt of Republican’s minority outreach. Now Republican’s love stressing their importance in the history of the civil rights movement mostly because that was the last time they we effective in creating policy that actually helped African Americans. As we know Lincoln, the republican, helped to put an end to slavery and and many notable leaders of the movement from Dr. Martin luther King Jr. to the founders of the NAACP were also Republicans. But to acknowledge these accomplishments, we must state the bigger issue that the Republican party of today has done a full 180 in their regard to our country’s minority population.

The visit, like many others of this nature, is about as cringe worthy as Brad Paisley’s “Accident Racist” because it drives home the real problem. You can say a lot of nice words about how bad you feel minority circumstances are but if you are doing nothing to change the problem you aren’t of much value to those you’re crying guilt-tears for. Especially if you think lying your way into our hearts will win us, people of color, over.

Read more at The Grio or watch his interesting take on history and politics in his hour long speech here.