new song/acoustic video from baby baby! check out “best franz.” #soundcheck

April 8, 2013

Are you psyched for the new Baby Baby record? Of course you are. My informal poll of everyone sitting in front of my laptop, with a sample size of 1, showed that 100% of people are way into Baby Baby. (Eat your heart out, Nate Silver.) Their new record Big Boy Baller Club doesn’t drop until this summer, but they just taped an acoustic session of the new track “Best Franz”as part of Blue Indians “Acoustic Alley” series.

“Best Franz” is a raw, minimal tune; surprisingly heartfelt from a band that calls their music “fun rock.” Or maybe it’s just that the rain in the background combined with the shift to acoustic guitars is making what should be a party shout-along into something a little more earnest. Either way, there’s no denying that harmony breakdown is pretty dope.

– Words by Nathan Leigh