mikill pane gets deep on his latest ep “lucky strike.” check this shit. #soundcheck

April 24, 2013

UK indie rapper Mikill Pane‘s main appeal has always been his endless cleverness and charm. He just seems like the kind of guy you’d like to get a beer with. Maybe go bowling. His lyrics are a tangled web of references, meta-references, and elaborate puns. They’ve always been deep from a writing perspective, but never exactly deep emotionally. On his new Lucky Strike EP, Mikill Pane proves himself capable of some serious depth.

The usually jokey Mikill Pane explores the moral grey area of a self-described “bad man.” I admit on first listen I was thrown. Really Mikill Pane? You expect me to believe that the guy who wrote “Dirty Rider” (still the best source of bike-related puns on the planet) has gone hardcore? What is this? 1992? But this is Mikill Pane in storyteller mode. Revisiting the character from his 2011 “Lucky Shattered EP,” Mikill portrays “Lucky,” a reckless young man with a streak of good luck who routinely gets away with murder. Over 4 epic tracks, Lucky goes from arrogant bastard boasting about avoiding consequences for his actions on “Lucky Strike” to realizing his life-long run of “good luck” has been a devil’s bargain.

The EP is available for free through Mikill Pane’s website and here. Apparently iTunes puts the tracks in alphabetical order, so make sure you listen in the following order. Trust me. This is the rare EP that gets better every time you listen to it.

– Review by Nathan Leigh