miami’s the hongs bring some serious electro dance tunes

April 26, 2013



“Spreading the Dance/Rock/Electro/House Hybrid – ­One Toe At A Time.”

Miami­ based indie rockers, The Hongs have been making tons of noise this year in the local scene. The Hongs combine the dark and twisty bits of electro-­pop with a dash of sweet nu wave to create a pop/rock dance fusion.

Formed in 2008 by Jamaican ­born musician Gordon Myers, this multinational rock electronic group has established a high­ energy rock disco repertoire that lures local crowds. The band has always been an expression of diversity, band members have been Jamaican, French, Mexican, Jewish, Costa Rican, Scottish, Cuban and Argentinean.

A few weeks ago, the band announced the release of the self­titled ‘The Hongs EP’ to college radio stations nationwide and a series of live performances throughout South Florida; including an appearance later this month in Downtown Fort Lauderdale for the inaugural Block x Blog Music Festival (with the likes of DFA royalty – ­Holy Ghost!).


The Hongs EP was produced by Wayne “The Brain” Allison and the Brazilian Girls production team, ­ Jesse Yusef Murphy, Didi Gutman and Aaron Johnston. The entire EP comprised of five tracks previously released as the Delicate Tremors EP in September 2012. A new EP is set to be released in the Summer/Fall of 2013 to showcase a few additional tracks from those collaborations. The lyrics were written entirely by bassist, lead vocalist, and songwriter, Gordon Myers.


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