listen to nas’ pre-illmatic demo tape

April 25, 2013

Everybody is a blasting a mixtape these days, even when it’s unnecessary. Even the recent releases from now-heavy-hitters Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar. Thanks to FACT MAG we’re taking a little time to reflect on some “real mixtapping”– the Nas pre-illmatic 1991 mixtape. And although it’s been it’s hip-hop head corners of the internet for years now, this is the first time we’ve heard it. Biz Markie, Kool G Rap and Large Professor make appearances with a teen Nasty Nas. Crazy that this is now a “throwback” when it still is so relevant and FRESH, in both senses of the word. stream the full tape below.

Track Listing:
1. Understanding 0:00 – Featuring AZ & Biz Markie
2. Life Is Like A Dice Game 3:12
3. Just Another Day In The Projects 5:51
4. Déjà Vu 9:04 – Produced by Chris Winston
5. Back To The Grill 12:51 – Featuring MC Serch feat. Chubb Rock & Red Hot Lover Tone, Produced by T-Ray
6. Everything Is Real 17:53 – Featuring Shapelle
7. I’m A Villain 20:09 – Produced by Large Professor
8. Number One With A Bullet 24:31 – Featuring Kool G. Rap & Whiteboy
9. Nas Will Prevail (It Ain’t Hard To Tell Original) 28:47 – Produced by Large Professor
10. On The Real (Original) 33:45 – Featuring Akinyele, Screwball, & Cormega
11. Live At The BBQ 37:13 – Featuring Fatal & Akinyele