janelle monae by kwaku alston for essence magazine

April 17, 2013

Stunning images of Janelle Monae by photographer Kwaku Alston are floating around the web. They’re from the photo shoot they did for the current issue of Essence Magazine. Alston says that they are inspired by “sci-fi dreams and colorful space travel”. “Ultimately, I wanted to capture my original vision: Janelle Monae lands on Mars. She flies over Malibu via balloon transport (I didn’t have the funds for a 10 foot UFO), floating in a haze of pastel colors, and lands on an old surreal structure with wonder in her eyes–don’t ask. Dreamy perfume commercials were playing in my head days prior to the shoot.”
Check out some of the images below + you can read more about the creative process on Kwaku Alston’s blog. – L.