frida kahlo’s wardrobe on display after 60 years of being locked away

April 2, 2013

When Frida Kahlo passed away, her passionate artist husband Diego Rivera asked that her clothes be locked away for 15 years. He died 3 years later and Kahlo’s massive wardrobe and estate were left in the care of a family friend/collector who kept the clothes, shoes, hats and jewels locked away until her passing in 2004. Now the public gets the see what’s been hiding for nearly 60 years.

Kahlo was a style icon, no doubt. She dressed in a way that was powerful enough that she was identifiable AS her art. Many of Frida’s works are her self portraits where she dresses in ornate getups, sinister faces with even a bit of masculine appeal. The above photo shows a young Frida dabbling in androgynous styles WAY before it was acceptable (1920s… She was indeed a rebel!)

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