fanboy president greg b’s movie review for afropunk: pain and gain

April 29, 2013

Hello to all the men and women out there it’s FANBOYYY PRESIDENT with another pumping movie review. This weekend I checked out the new Michael Bay film “Pain and Gain” and I must say this two hour film was phenomenal. Now the synopsis is a trio of bodybuilders played by Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, and Anthony Mackie who get caught up in an extortion ring that goes wrong. After watching countless previews I held high expectations thinking that this movie was going to be nothing more than a comedy, but I was wrong. This movie highlights stereotypes, which plague our nation and offers insight as to how some people can justify their criminal actions.

One of the lessons that you can take away from this movie is you shouldn’t tell your business to your personal trainer. Now I can’t speak from experience because all I talk about with my personal trainer is wrestling and women, but from now on D won’t need to know about my financial business. As the film progressed I felt a little uneasy because of a nagging question that I kept asking myself. The question was “Are most thugs unfortunate people who tried and failed to live the ‘American Dream’?.” I truly feel “Pain and Gain” was more than a low budget Michael Bay film. The sad truth is this movie isn’t a comedy, but it’s a mirror that reflects an ugly truth that the “American Dream” varies for every ethnic group in our country.

Now getting past the morality this movie teaches I have to declare Dwayne Johnson as a great actor. The acting range Johnson offers is amazing and seeing a cracked out Rock just made me sit up in my seat a little more. Mark Wahlberg did okay, but Anthony Mackie was out of sync with the rest of the guys in some spots. I was disappointed in Mackie’s performance because he was phenomenal in “Gangster Squad” and otherwise is a decent actor. This movie also offered some great cinematography and the character narration dialogue make it a unique movie. I hope that all the wannabe thugs and ratchet chicks realize that even this movie shows how ignorant some people can be when they believe Scarface, Tony Soprano, and The Goodfellas are self made men. Yes this movie bursts with sexual overtones and men showing off their muscles, but the message is one that everyone needs to hear. Did I walk away satisfied? Yes. Will I buy the DVD? Maybe. Will I go to the gym more often? Ohhh heck yeah and so will you after seeing this movie. Until next time my movie goers remember squandering your gifts and riches is unpatriotic so tip your personal trainer after your next session.

FANBOY PRESIDENT GREG B is an actor and former T.V. Show host. With more than ten years of entertainment industry experience, Greg B joined the AFROPUNK writing team to make sure weekly movie allowances are well spent.