check the new single from indie psychedelic band free moral agents (ex mars volta)! #soundcheck

April 5, 2013

Long Beach based Free Moral Agents started as a solo project for Mars Volta keyboardist Isaiah Ikey Owens before becoming a full-fledged band in 2006. Their last full record “Control This” dropped in 2010.

Since then, the band’s recorded a handful of singles and remixes, but they’re back with their new EP “Chaine Infinie” out in 2 weeks. In anticipation of the EP, they’ve released the title track as a single. Rooted around a distorted stomp and a sitar drone, “Chaine Infinie” leans more on minimal atmosphere than the hyper-dense arrangements FMA are generally known for. “I’m in your bones,” singer Mendee Ichikawa repeats. Maybe not in my bones, but definitely stuck in my head. Either way, this track is great.

You can preview (40 second clips) of the rest of the tracks from “Chaine Infinie” and pre-order it on vinyl from the band’s bandcamp. And as a special bonus (because the world is sometimes a wonderful place) stream FMA’s remix of 90’s G-funk classic “Regulate.” Some things are too awesome not to exist.

Check the new single from indie psychedelic band @FreeMoralAgents (ex Mars Volta)! #SoundCheck