tecla’s debut record blends so many genres the shortest way to describe it is this: awesome. #soundcheck

March 29, 2013

So I was starting to write about ‘We Are The Lucky Ones’, the debut album from Electro-funk/neo-soul/Afro-pop/glitch/RnB singer Tecla and my opening line was going to be about how the only genre she doesn’t touch on is French Cabaret, and then I got to the stunning ballad “Moi” and that went pretty much out the window. This is a preposterously ambitious debut from a preposterously talented woman. Her sound melds the electronic and organic into a captivating cyborg. Synths burble beneath Caribbean percussion while Tecla presides over the beautiful chaos with the voice of a pop singer from back when pop singers actually sang.

The big highlights are lead single “Fake Tears” (whose video features the one and only Kool AD, and was recently remixed by the also one and only Gordon Voidwell…) “Money” and the album closer “Fiction Fairy Tales of Love.” Her songs blend surprising arrangement choices with unpredictably catchy melodies. Once the shock of hearing something so unique wears off, it’s clear that the songs are actually rooted in some traditional RnB songcraft. This is the kind of solid oldschool songwriting that’s likely to still standup once the wobbly basslines of the early 2010s give way to whatever’s next. But whatever’s next it’s clear from her debut that Tecla will be there pushing buttons and pushing boundaries.

– Words by Nathan Leigh