“punk rock is bullshit”?

March 8, 2013

Dead Kennedys & Fishbone shared on social media this opinion piece from Seattle Weekly: “Punk Rock Is Bullshit”. Check it out, we’d love to hear what you think. + What is your definition of being punk today?
Excerpts from the article: “Punk taught us to rebel against authority until “authority” included everything: piano lessons, fire insurance, (…) and, ultimately, growing up.”
“A happy childhood [was] an unthinkable transgression. These personality disorders were just punk in practice.
It’s time we stopped disavowing happiness and measured pride, we punk survivors, wrapping ourselves in itchy thrift-store horse blankets thinking that only discomfort is honest.”
“What I’m talking about is “punk rock” as a political stance, punk rock as a social movement, punk rock as a fashion trend, punk rock as a personal lifestyle brand, and punk rock as a lens of critical appraisal. (…) What started out as teenage piss-taking at baby-boomer onanism quickly morphed into a humorless doctrine characterized by acute self-consciousness and boring conformism.”
“Punk only tells us what it hates. It has never stood for anything; it stands against things.”
“It’s time we stopped hating ourselves, our ambition, and our sincerity, guarding our integrity credentials in fear of interrogation by the secret punk police.”
“Self-indulgent screaming and narcissistically purposeful out-of-tuneness seemed like dangerous political statements” (…) “The idea that poor kids from Kitsap County, like their heroes from Southern California and northern England, were somehow immune from being pretentious by virtue of their underclass nobility was a cultural lie that had run its course elsewhere, but we never saw the second half of the telegram”.
“The truth is, if there really was an Illuminati bent on controlling the world through a secret government, they couldn’t have done a better job of defanging the youth movement than by introducing the self-negating, (…) lethargy-celebrating, divisive and controlling, fashion-based ideology of punk rock into the mainstream.”