nina simone’s camp is not pleased with zoe saldana’s response to the biopic/”blackface” controversy

March 1, 2013

Nina Simone’s camp is not having it. They feel that Zoe Saldana’s response to the biopic/”Blackface” controversy is not appropriate.
Excerpts from their statement: “Do we really expect her to grasp the subtleties of colorism? (The subtleties of colorism, mind you, from which she herself receives so much privilege and consideration.)”
“In every conceivable way, [director] Cynthia Mort laid claim to Nina Simone’s identity and repurposed her in a manner that offended even Nina’s own daughter, Simone Kelly.”
“Respecting Nina Simone means acknowledging Nina’s own words. It means you don’t take Safronia and slap a bunch of dark makeup and a cheap afro wig on her so that she can masquerade around as Peaches in “honor” of Nina Simone.”