jneiro jarel (jj doom) – behind the music

March 5, 2013

Get to know the man behind JJ Doom!
“Check out the man behind the beats, Jneiro Jarel aka Dr Who Dat talk about his latest album with MF DOOM.”
“Check out Anti Robot Radio’s Interview with Jneiro Jarel, talking about being in the studio with Destiny’s Child (Beyonce), JJ DOOM, Dungeon Family, being part of the NY (Afropunk) rock scene, and giving advice to new artists.”
+ Jneiro Jarel recently said: “My solo album is pretty much done. Just fine tuning. Don’t know when it will be released though. Just want you to know it does exist! 🙂 Maybe later this year. Got some other news soon too. Until then, JAH bless!”