indonesia’s aceh punks shaved for ‘re-education’ [via the bbc]

March 20, 2013

Check this BBC article about Indonesian punks who are being rounded up, jailed and “re-educated”. The freedom to “be punk”. Fascinating read about the politics to express yourself. Read below.

Dozens of young men and women have been detained for being “punk” and disturbing the peace in Aceh, Indonesia’s most devoutly Muslim province. They are being held in a remedial school, where they are undergoing “re-education”.

Rights groups have expressed concern after photographs emerged of the young men having their mohawks and funky hairstyles shaved off by Aceh’s police.

They look sullen and frightened as they are forced into a communal bath.

But Aceh’s police say they are not trying to harm the youths, they are trying to protect them.

The 64 punks, many of whom are from as far away as Bali or Jakarta, were picked up on Saturday night during a local concert.