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“beyond the ‘angry black woman’ “: a conversation on al jazeera’s the stream

March 1, 2013

Check out “Beyond the ‘angry Black woman’ “, conversation on Al Jazeera’s The Stream about “stereotypes used historically by Whites to justify slavery and racial inferiority”.
Excerpts: “Some say today’s reality TV shows and Hollywood movies help to reinforce those stereotypes, perpetuating the negative perceptions of African-American women.”
“Why do these racist depictions continue to resurface in mainstream media? What’s the societal impact for African-American women?”
“Some women say they silence themselves and don’t express their anger, even when it’s appropriate to do so, by fear of being seen as the “angry Black woman”.”
“There are a lot of reasons to be angry in a society that is so incredibly sexist and racist.”
Speakers include Afropunk regular Chescaleigh, blogger/comedian of ‘Shit White Girls Say… to Black Girls’ fame.
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