1980’s punk / trash band malevolence are back after 20 years with new recordings! #soundcheck

March 18, 2013

Here’s the thing that’s awesome about the internet. It’s also the thing that’s terrible and maybe overwhelming: everything is preserved forever. That band that existed for a hot second and played a handful of shows to a handful of people before disappearing or re-forming into a much more influential band? They still exist in some ethereal form. Somehow immortal even if largely forgotten. (I’m looking at you Inside Out, whose best song was a cheery ditty called “Rage Against the Machine.” The lead singer later went off to do something or other, but I’m blanking on what…) So a band like Malevolence may not have been that big outside of Tennessee during their initial run, but their original recordings (lo-fi and rough, but full of fire and righteous fury) exist forever.

After a long hiatus, Malevolence is back with their original line-up (see, Fugazi fans, there’s hope!). They’ve been re-recording some of their old old songs. The quality may be a little better, but it’s still DIY to the core. Check out “Mama’s a Skinhead,” and “Birth / Bum Song” both originally from Plastic America and available for free download. I’ll be excited to see where Malevolence goes from here. Is this a full-fledged reunion or just four old friends revisiting the songs that brought them together in the first place? Either way, welcome back!

– Words by Nathan Leigh