stream “bones,” the killer new 7” from indie/psychedelic band the tontons

February 11, 2013

Indie psychedelic band The Tontons are back after their stellar Golden EP with a new single. (The Tontons are of course not to be confused with the Tauntauns from ice planet Hoth). The A-side of the Bones 7” is a spacey, but dance-rock infected jam. Fittingly titled “Bones 1” it’s a song about living in the here and now and celebrating youth and freedom. “One of these days, we’ll have some kids, picket fences, mortgages … but today’s not that day / and I’m not that girl / I’ve got time / I’ve got the whole wide world,” singer Asli Omar croons. It’s joyous and optimistic; sure, someday we all get old. All the more reason to stay out late while you can.

On the B-side (“Bones 2”, of course) the band gives into the psychedelic blues freakout that’s been hanging out around their edges all along. Haunting organ gives the track a feeling of space, while the rhythm section plays uncharacteristically loose. The song feels like a hold-out from the late 60’s. But it’s less a time capsule than a love letter. Asli’s voice has rarely sounded more dynamic, rising from her typical breathy coo to a heartrending wail. Where “Bones 1” celebrates being young and making mistakes, “Bones 2” is all the regret the morning after.
Stream the tracks and order the limited edition 7” from the music player above.

– Words by Nathan Leigh