download the debut ep from pegasus warning. glitchy rnb to expand your ears! #soundcheck

February 6, 2013

You know that laser thing in Tron that converts Jeff Bridges into a computer character? Imagine a fateful night in 1986 when an in-his-prime Prince and Grace Jones are accidentally sucked into the Tron computer and merged into one person. Maybe Brian Eno was there too. Why not? It could just as easily be Gary Numan. Whatever. The computer is immediately overwhelmed by awesomeness and starts spewing sparks. Random text appears on the screen. “Pegasus Warning,” it flashes. “Pegasus Warning.” As the computer dies in a fit of glitches, it makes one final sputtering glorious sound. That’s more or less what the debut EP from Pegasus Warning sounds like.

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Pegasus Warning mastermind Guillermo E. Brown is the kind of person who names the first track on his album that features few if any live sounds “Acoustic.” But like much of Woof Ticket, it makes a kind of sense. A very peculiar kind of sense. The EP may be built from diodes and transistors but it feels alive and organic in a way that electronica only rarely does. Part of that is Brown’s voice which skips from a howl to a croon with the same glitchy intensity as the music. But Brown’s background as a free jazz drummer certainly plays a role here. The anarchic beats have all the manic energy of a Tex Avery cartoon; elevating his RnB hooks to mind-expanding heights.

This is probably not music for everyone. The self-deconstructing sound may turn some off, but if you like your RnB with a side of IDM, (RnG? Rhythm n Glitch? Can that be a thing?) Woof Ticket is about as good as it gets.

– Words by Nathan Leigh